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We are baptized into the Triune God’s family of Universal Christians and are gathered in worship around Word and Sacrament receiving forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ.

 We, enlightened and empowered by the call of the Holy Spirit through Baptism and in Christ’s name, are alive to encourage, support, forgive and accept one another through worship and fellowship, sharing all we have and are, in response to God’s love in Christ.  We can and will learn and grow in faith, witness and share a loving Savior, seek and serve all people.

 First Lutheran Church, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is a family created by God’s grace to be servants of Christ.  We seek to promote celebrative fellowship and service through intentional worship, education, and evangelism.  We will be responsive to and supportive of the needs of the individual, family, community, and world.  We welcome all to worship with us.

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